a New Christianity

So what is aNewChristianity.org?

aNewChristianity.org is a website that seeks to help you better understand your relationship with God, and with Christ.

A New Christianity IS NOT about...

How does aNewChristianity.org expect to help you better understand your relationship with God, and with Christ? Well, we prayerfully consider different aspects of these relationships. Then, we write articles on these topics, and post them here.

Sometimes, these articles take deeply held beliefs and teachings of ‘the church’, and explain why we think that they are incorrect. (This isn’t done to offend you, but simply to help you see that there are alternatives to the doctrines of the church. )

If you find something that we have offered here to be helpful, then incorporate it into your relationship with God. If you find something here that you disagree with, we're ok with that too; but please don't take offense!

If you have questions or comments about the articles we have posted here, please contact the editors of this site at:


As you browse our site, and read the articles which we have offered here, we ask that you don't accept anything you find written here, (or anywhere else,) without careful consideration. Whenever you read or learn anything new about God, and your relationship to Him, you should verify it with the “still, small voice within”...

If you find it to be true, then believe it!

If you don't, thats ok too. To learn more about why we feel this way,
               click here: A Logical Relationship

Thanks for visiting our Website! Have a look around, and come back soon!

Grace and Peace to you, all!